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Pomegranates: Although, as yet, Ermioni does not have a 'Designation of Origin', (like the French 'Appellation Controlee'), it is famous for its locally grown pomegranates. The humble pomegranate has excellent health benefits and is recognised as a major source of antioxidant nutrients that protect against heart disease and other ailments. Recent research has focused on its potential use as a treatment for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and various forms of cancer The fruit arrives in the local markets in October, and a buyer's guide to buying the best fruit is to wait until the fruits are a rosy red colour, not the pink/white colour of inder-ripe fruits.

Olive Oil:Although the main centre for olive oil is Kranidi, the local Ermioni area is a big producer of excellent quality of olive oil. The new crop arrives from November to Febuary. Although the Kalamata varieties are often considered the best, locals would hotly dispute this.

Fish:The main fishing port of Ermionida is Kilada, a village some 13 kilometres from Ermioni, it is possible to buy many types of fish and seafood locally, from the boats, from the local market on Thursday or from the fish shops in town. For the amateur, or professional, fisherman there are many places around Ermioni that provide opportunities for catching many types of fish, or octopus. Advice is easily found by walking down by the port and asking many of the local fishermen hanging out by their boats, or enjoying a hard-earned coffee in one of the cafe-bars.

Oranges:The orange harvest starts around October and continues up to December. At this time of year the local fruit shops, and especially the local weekly market, held every Thursday, are ablaze with the colour of every type of orange. picked striaght from the tree and still with leaves attached the aromas that come from thses fresh fruits are to be experienced.

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